Guangxi Culture & Tourism

  • 10 19-10

    Pretty Bobai County

    Bobai County is located in Yulin City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region with rich natural and cultural landscapes

  • 05 19-09

    Exposure to an Ideal Summer Resort

    Have you ever had an interest in unsolved mysteries since your childhood? If you come to Shiwan Mountain, you will not feel disappointed The tales of python, the worldfamous views, as well as the loc...

  • 05 19-09

    Carving Eggshell in a Climate of Caution

    What would you do if you have an egg and a pair of able hands? Maybe your answer is a delicious scrambled egg served on the family dining table However, there is another breathtaking answer — eggshe...

  • 05 19-09

    Lugu Lake: A Stunning Plateau Pearl With Unique Mosuo Culture

    Since the launch of the reality show The Inn, Lugu Lake has become one of the most favored spots for travelers In late May, gusts of wind reach here, bringing the key to Lugu Lake 39;s mystery With ...

A Magnificent Wonder of Nature in Leye
Guangxi, a famous tourist destination for its unique landform known as karst topography, is highly praised as the most beautiful place by many literary magnates. There are not only tens of thousands of green hills towering into the sky, as well as crystal-clear rivers with the color of emerald, but also the little known “Tiankeng” (a Chinese term meaning karst doline) found in Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi. A trip to Leye is worth if you are interested in mysteries since your childhood. It is not exaggerating to say that traveling in Leye is like en...